The weather here is about as predictable as the next sighting of big foot. The weather man even has started saying now dont quote me on this out of fear. That can be part of the charm. There is always something to do no matter the weather so dont let that stop you from seeing the spectacular views. In the Winter, well its cold, we live in the Adirondack mountains. Today it might be 32 below tomorrow I may only need a sweater, so layer your clothes. Spring, well same thing other than the 32 below part. It's April, it was so hot last week we went shopping for shorts, today im in sweat shirt and jeans because its cold and rainy. I think the safe thing to say for all seasons is that we are in the Adirondack Mountains, it gets hot in the summer, but if it rains it gets cold enough that sometimes even in August I want a sweatshirt. We have  plenty of shopping areas, but still may want to layer and pack extra things for warm or cold weather. Always, I repeat Always bring an umbrella and or rain coat. My friend Vicky came here a few summers ago from Ireland and complained we had more rain here than there, and yet they are supposed to be the rainy place. Varies by the year but be prepared. The best time to visit the lake varies by what you are looking for as there is always something to do. Lake George starts shutting down most stores after labor day, but the strip of outlets is always open year round. Fall is so pretty with all the leaves changing, June,july,august are gorgeous and warm with lots of green. I went into town a few days ago and froze from the rain, but the weekend before that I was up there and warm enough to need icecream. Just pack everything and be ready for an adventure!