For those of you with elementary school aged kids, this is the vacation for you. The Fort William Henry museum is a great start. They not only take you through it but they are now actually having encampments where you can see them in full attire for 1757, you can see the battle between the French/Indian (Native Americans), you can see how they camped, dressed, lived, fought and died. If you're interested in the American Revolution, French/Indian war era, the are has plenty to interest you. Saratoga Battlefield is just 20 minutes south and a nice day trip for walking around. Albany is 40 minutes south on I-87 and you can now see the SS Slater and tour it.  The USS Albany exhibit at the Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center chronicles the vessels that have been named for the Capital city. Albany has the special distinction of being home to the only remaining WWII Destroyer Escort ship afloat today. That same museum always has something going on, check out for events calendar. Also you can see New York History at the Albany Museum on Maddison by the Egg and Pepsi Arena. Back to Lake George. It was settled in 1810 by James Caldwell and was originally named after him.  Among the earliest tourists were George Washington in the summer of 1783, Thomas Jefferson in 1791 and Arron Burr who was seen walking the main street on a trip to the Post Office in the early 1800’s. The novel and movie The Last of The Mohicans was based on Fort William Henry, not to be confused with the Battle of Lake George which was 1755, this was actually a battle that took place over several days. The museum has many artifacts, guys in uniform, and they let off a cannon, without the ball, at the end of the tour. Look for Blue signs lined in Gold/yellow for educational historic sites. Across from the Lake on Beach Road in Lake George is a great park for running, with trails showing markers from the 2 battles fought there. Again watch for the encampments; they are fun and educational.