Parque Bicentenario (http://www.parquebicentenarioqueretar...) is a relatively new municipal attraction around 20 minutes drive to the north of Queretaro city, in the region of Juriquilla and Santa Rosa Jauregui. It's a large site zoned into different areas, with adult fairground rides in one section (rollercoaster, pirate ship, river rapids ride, dodgem cars among others), children's fairground rides in another (small "caterpillar" and "mouse" rollercoasters, traditional carousel, jumping frog ride among others), a lake with pedalo-type boats for hire and a scenic railway around the edge, a small arena for "charro"-type shows, a large covered area for picnics, an aquatic park section with large waterslides, a zipslide across the lake, and other small attractions. Complementing the site are a medical centre, small athletic stadium and school.

 The whole site is clean and well maintained. The cost is currently only 35 pesos, an incredible bargain as it gives you access to all attractions with the exception of the boats and the zipslide, for which there is an extra charge. The site is open from 11am to 6pm from Tuesday to Sunday in holiday season, and Thursday to Sunday the rest of the time.

 General tips:

 1) Public transport from the center of Queretaro is on routes 74 and 121.

2) There are two car parks for the site. The easiest to get to is on the Av 5 de febrero, and is marked for public transport only, although most people that take their own cars seem to prefer to park there too. The other is on the libramiento Norponiente - San Miguel de Allende. This second car park is 1km from the park, there is a shuttle bus, or the walk is very easy (downhill). On busier days the first car park gets very busy with long queues to enter the park. The second car park is much quieter.

 3) You may take your own food into the park if it is already prepared and packaged (in plastic containers for example). No cooking allowed in the park. No glass containers.

4) Nobody may take any drinks or liquids into the park. All drink to be purchased inside.

5) The sun is incredibly fierce and shade is at a premium, take hats and plenty of high-factor sunscreen to apply frequently, especially in the water park.

6) Food stalls are scattered around the park, a burger-fries-and-drink package will cost around 50 to 60 pesos. There are ice cream stalls and plenty of places to buy drinks.

7) Each ride has height restrictions that are strictly enforced. On some rides children must be accompanied by an adult. 

 In summary, this is an wonderful family-friendly and safe attraction, and in comparison with its very low entrance fee offers huge value for money. Just make sure you leave enough time to enjoy all the park has to offer (a whole day at least!).