The first thing that everyone thinks about when they hear Cooperstown is the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. This is a huge location for tourism in the upstate New York region, and every year it is estimated that about 300,000 fans come to the Hall of Fame. Here, you can learn about the history of the game of baseball, play some fun interactive games, and have a great family outting. Though many believe that the best time of year to visit the museum is in the fall, the summer is also a great time to go. The Hall of Fame Game played at Doubleday Field is a fun time for everyone and you get to see some of the great players of the game. The nice thing about the Hall of Fame is that they know they are being visited by families, so prices are not too expensive, and this goes for the gift shop as well. You can get many great things there, and you could literally spend an entire day walking around the museum. The Hall of Fame isn't the only museum in Cooperstown though. The New York State Historical Association is headquartered in Cooperstown, and you can also visit the Fenimore House Museum to learn about the history of the town.

There is an 1865 Scenic Train Ride in the area and less than a mile down the road, you can find Funtown.  Funtown is fun!!!  "RIde" choices . . . . Bumper boats, go carts, a batting cage, mini golf.   $25 (2010 price) for five "rides" any combination.  Video games are additional at .50 a play.  Little kids can ride with an adult.  Kids around 6 years old can ride alone (height requirements).  There is food available for $5-$8 for a combo meal and a sitting area.  Also a small "BYOB" area for coaches to drink while the kids play.  Teams are welcome and get a group rate.

Northeast Classic Car Museum in Norwich, NY. If you have any interest in cars go here. It's about an hour from Cooperstown, but extremely worth it. Great and knowledgeable tour guide and an amazing collection cars from 60's Mustang Shelby GT500, Duesenberg, turn of the century electric cars, a 1908 Mora worth 2-3 million, cars from 50's, and a couple of barn finds. 180+ cars. Easy to spend hours here. You also get to learn a lot about George Staley, amazing guy who worked as an engineer on the Nola Gay in WWII and started a vast car collection. He owns and saved many of the cars. Interesting video in the museum plays with George explaining his cars,and giving his own anecdotes for life in general. He is said to be still going and restoring cars at 90+ years old.