Cooperstown is a small town, and because of this you won't really need a taxi that often unless you are staying somewhere far off the beaten path and don't feel much like walking. Cooperstown, like any other location, has several taxi companies that work in and around surrounding towns. You can hail a taxi from the Cooperstown airport if you fly in, and they will take you to wherever you are staying for a relatively low rate. However, you won't be able to just find a taxi on the corner of streets on any particular day. You could call ahead to one of the companies and arrange a pick-up, but that is about the extent of the cab companies usefulness. Renting cars is a pretty good idea while you are in the town, although you won't need it if you are just staying in the main area of the town. You can rent a car from one of several agencies either at the airport or at different locations in the area. If you are going to be camping out in a wooded area, it's good to have a car so you can get into the town with ease. Parking is pretty good in the area, and you shouldn't worry about having to leave your car over night. Still, you will be able to get by just fine by walking.

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