It isn’t actually all UFOs and conspiracy theories in Roswell. The town has several interesting museums, and is known as a cultural center of New Mexico. This includes the Roswell Museum & Art Center, which features collections by New Mexico modernists and contemporary artists including Peter Hurd and Henriette Wyeth, along with Rogers and Mary Ellen Aston’s collection of the American West. The museum, which opened in 1937, also has the largest collection of artifacts from rocket pioneer Robert H. Goddard. The museum is open daily, and admission is free. It is closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day.

Roswell has a rich scientific and aviation history. From Robert H. Goddard to Walker Air Force Base.  Walker AFB was home to the largest SAC command during the Cold War.  Even the Enola Gay was stationed here immediately following WWII.  To learn more about the rich history from the famous Air Force Base, best known for holding the alien bodies from the UFO crash in 1947, visit the Walker Aviation Museum website.

The nearby Anderson Musem of Contemporary Art features a permanent collection that includes more than 300 works of art in seven galleries.  These include sculptures, paintings, photographs and other works. The museum is open daily and admission is free.

The Germans never invaded Roswell during World War II, but various prisoners of war did leave their mark on the city. The prisoners helped paved the banks of the North Spring River during the war, and some POWs had used rocks to create the outline of an iron cross. This was covered with concrete, but was revealed during a renovation of the park in the 1980s, earning this section the name Iron Cross Park. It was renamed POW/MIA Park in 1996, but this park does include a section of the Berlin Wall, which was presented to the city by the German Air Force after the end of the Cold War.

And of course if you’re visiting the city of Roswell you should stop in at the Roswell International UFO Museum & Research Center. Exhibits include “recreations” of the crashed UFO, and alien autopsy, along with other “other worldly” artifacts!