By plane:  Travelers heading to Las Cruces via airplane most frequently travel to the El Paso International Airport ( which is located just under an hour’s drive south of the city.  This airport is served by seven major airlines (American, Continental, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, United Express and US Airways).  Travelers may also take commuter flights from other nearby airports to the Las Cruces International Airport ( ). However, flights are generally cheaper and more frequent through the El Paso International Airport .

Upon arrival:   Because of the distance between the commonly-used airport and the city center, as well as the fact that driving is the best method of getting around Las Cruces, travelers generally opt to rent a car upon arrival at the airport.   There are seven car rental companies with offices at the El Paso International Airport .   See http://www.elpasointernationalairport... for more information.   Taxis, shuttles and buses are all alternative options of getting from the airport to Las Cruces ; see http://www.elpasointernationalairport... for more information.


By car:  Travelers heading from the airport to Las Cruces will take Interstate 10 to get to the area.  The other commonly used interstate for visitors driving from other locations in the United States to use to reach Las Cruces is Interstate 25.  The drive is beautiful and makes a fun roadtrip.  Specific driving directions can be obtained online at or