Visitors will find that it is wise to rent a car for travel around Las Cruces .  Las Cruces is a fairly large city, spread out over many miles, and there are multiple highways which run through it.  While public transportation is an option, and taxis are readily available, car rental is the number one choice.

Most visitors who do rent cars in the area choose to do so upon arrival at the airport.  Most commonly, visitors come through the El Paso International Airport .  (See for additional information.)  This airport has seven different car rental companies with offices there.  These companies are:

Alternatively, travelers can rent a car from numerous companies located within the city of Las Cruces .  See for more information.

There are six main taxi companies in Las Cruces , although other companies are available.  The two biggest companies used are the nationally-recognized companies of Checker Cab and Yellow Cab.  The other four frequently used companies are A-W Taxi, Jak’s Taxi, Silver City – Grant County Taxi and T or C Taxi.  Of these, only Jak’s Taxi is located specifically in Las Cruces .