The beaches in Wildwood Crest, NJ have been repeatedly voted "Best for Family Vacation" for good reason.  The beach is HUGE and FREE.  Did you get that?  FREE!  It has plenty of room for the babies to sit in tents or under umbrellas, tweens to hang out still making sand castles decorated with shells, college kids to play volleybal, parents to veg out, and grandparents to set up banquets under huge sun umbrellas.  Find your own space or hang out with friends and family.  Better yet, make new friends! 

The beaches are clean (and FREE) with an ever increasing number and variety of shells.  The tide pools are safe for toddlers and those with knee problems, and those who just love warm water.  The water's edge is perfect for a jog or a long stroll holding hands with your favorite (or becoming favorite) person.   The wide back side has beautiful dunes (stay OFF please), volley ball courts, soccer fields and on top of that, space to fly kites!

Services are available from the restaurants and shops lining the beach, as well as mobile vendors calling out with bells or tinny melodies.  You can pack your own, keeping the glass at home.   A long walking trail along the beach is a wonderful addition, great for an uninterrupted run or bike ride. 

Night life offers the full gamut from sunset walks on the beach, free concerts, fine dining, and of course, the world-famous Boardwalk.  The Boardwalk is open air entertainment with food (great pizza shops..try Sorrento), shops wtih trinkets, shops with tacky T-shirts, shops with great beach wear, jewelry, books, dollar stores, shoe stores, sporting goods.  Don't worry if you forgot to pack something-get it on the Boardwalk.  Where else can you shop amongst amusements - classic & new?  Too tired to walk?  Sit for some terrific people watching!  Ooopss..."Watch the tram car please"...either get on or get out of the way!  The tram is a low cost sightseeing tour!  The Wildwood Convention Center schedules activities throughout the year, but the summer offers movies on the beach, concerts, craft shows, marble tournaments, and more.  A quick car ride takes you to historic Cape May or glitzy Atlantic City. 

The famous family-owned Wildwood Doo-Wop hotels provide great accomodations and service.  Increasing number of travellers stay in condominiums which offer great alternatives and value.  It is easy to find them using any combination of keywords, e.g. Ocean Harbor 101.  A condominium offers LOTS of room, amenities and the convenience of a full kitchen.  This is a great way to spend time with families or reunions with friends. 

Will your memory be of a sunset or bursting three balloons with darts?  Come to Wildwood Crest, NJ to find out!