Any tourist looking for something to see and/or do in Spring Lake does not need to look far! There are many different museums and attractions either in Spring Lake or a short distance from the area. There is everything from wineries and vineyards to sailing excursions… and everything from amusement parks to traditional museums - all of which are perfect attractions for both children and adults.

Camp Evans is a science and history center located on an old military base.

Cream Ridge Winery is a winery that has been open since 1988. The winery’s website contains information about visiting the winery, tours, and events that take place there.

Four JG’s Vineyard is another winery that welcomes tourists for tours and wine tastings. This winery has been in existence since 1999 and is located on historic farmland that has been in use since the early 1700s.

Freehold Raceway has been open since 1853. Anyone who loves horseracing will enjoy a visit to Freehold Raceway. It is open from August through May each year (it closes in June and July).

There are several other museums and attractions near Spring Lake , and descriptions and links to their websites can be found on the Monmouth County website.