It is possible to access Spring Lake using a wide variety of transportation methods. One of the most popular ways to arrive in Spring Lake is via personal car. Many people who visit Spring Lake do so on an annual or regular basis, and they simply drive to the area from their homes in other parts of New Jersey , New York , Massachusetts or Washington D.C.

Spring Lake does see visitors from other parts of the country (and the world), and those people normally arrive in New Jersey via Newark International Airport. Tourists normally fly into this airport and then either rent a car and drive to Spring Lake , or they take a taxi to their final destination. There is a commuter airport near Spring Lake called, “ Monmouth Executive Airport.” This airport is for smaller planes and normally handles corporate aircraft as well as personally-owned small airplanes.

Some tourists choose to take the train from their home city to New Jersey using the New Jersey Transit system. The train stops in 13 different locations within Monmouth County. Amtrak also has trains that stop in the vicinity of Spring Lake . Taxis can be taken from the train station to a hotel or other destination in Spring Lake .