Kids will certainly enjoy a trip to Princeton. Aquarium, museums, great parks, farms, historical sites give the families the opportunity of a rich experience mixing fun and learning.

Experience the hard work that agricultral life entailed in the 19th century and visit  Howell Living History Farm. Thorugh hands-on-activities, kids will learn  the details of work on a farm in the old days. The Farm has a rich calendar of events year round; September's highlight is the Plowing Match.

Take the kids on board of Coryell's Ferry or the General George Washington paddled boat and navigate along the river as the Revolutionary soldiers did in Independance Days.Take the ferr for this historic sightseeing ride at the river harbor at 22 South Main Street in New Hope. 

Visit Thomas Clark House; this is a Quaker farmhouse where General Hugh Mercer died after the battle of Princeton. After touring the house, the kids will love to have a picnic on the lawn.

Know the rich material cultire of Native American at Hopewell Museum. Located at 28 East BroadStreet; the museum also houses weapons and clothing used by soldiers in Independance days.

If looking for a place where kids can enjoy an afternoon outdoors, go to New Jersey Audubon Society's Plainboro Preserve at 80 Scotts Road in Cranbury. Walk along the trails and admire the flora and fauna of the region.