Many of the people who frequent Ocean City – either for a one-time vacation or for regularly scheduled stays at beach homes, arrive by their own personal car. People have been known to travel for several hours by car to arrive in Ocean City. The main highways that are used to get to Ocean City are the Atlantic City Expressway and the Garden State Parkway.

There are several other ways to access Ocean City – including trains and busses. Amtrak and the New Jersey Transit system can be utilized as well as Academy Bus Tours or a Greyhound bus. These modes of transportation are good for travelers who live in or around the East Coast of the United States.

Individuals who are coming from farther distances often choose to fly to the Ocean City area. They normally fly to any number of airports and then drive to their final destination. The most popular airports for Ocean City Tourists are: The Atlantic City International Airport , JFK International Airport , LaGuardia International Airport , and Philadelphia International Airport.

After arriving at one of the above airports, a car can be rented and driven to Ocean City, a shuttle service can be taken, or a limousine can take visitors to their destination.