There is so much to see and do in Ocean City and on the Jersey Shore that a tour book should be purchased (or at least read) by people who have never before visited the area.

The following books are recommended for people who would like to know what’s available in Ocean City and want recommendations on what to see, where to eat, and what to do while in town.

The Best of Everything at The Jersey Shore ,” by Jeff Edelstein is a guide that tells readers what not to miss in Ocean City . The book even goes as far as recommending the best place to get a great ice cream cone. This guide covers just about everything a visitor would need (and want) to know about the area.

The Jersey Shore Uncovered: A Revealing Season on the Beach ,” by Peter Genovese, who is a New Jersey native and loves to write about his home state. The book is filled with many photos (both color and black and white) which provide a good impression of what daily life is on the Jersey Shore is like. This book provides quite a bit of background on Ocean City as well as recommendations on events and places not to miss.

Zagat Survey 2006/07 New Jersey Shore Restaurants Pocket Guide ,” by Zagat Survey is an old standby guide. Zagat can be trusted to recommend the best places to eat in and around Ocean City .