1.  Part 2-

Popular long standing boardwalk  businesses-In business at least  twenty years-

 Playland Castaway Cove                                                  

 Moorlyn Theater                                                       

Strand Theater                                        

Gillian’s Wonderland Pier

South Seas Shop

Johnson’s Popcorn

Mac and Manco Pizza

Del’s Hamburgers

Litterer’s Food Court

Surf Mall- originally a theater

The Fudge Kitchen

Fralinger’s Salt Walter Tafy

Old Salt

The Flander’s Hotel

Port o Call Motel

Impala Motel

Drift in and Sea

The Bag Boutique


Stores fifty interviewed people claim to miss-

 The Connoisseur Shop

Roger's Taylor Pork Roll

Lillian Albus Dress Shop

Tom Perkins Sea Shanty

The Heritage Shop

Johnson's Ice Cream Parlor and Candy