Travelers interested in reading about Newark may enjoy the following selections:

  • “A Mission for Justice: A History of the First African American Catholic Church in Newark, New Jersey” by Mary A. Ward provides readers with information about the founding of an important part of the history of the area. .
  • “Newark: The Golden Age (Postcard History Series” by Jean-Rae Turner, Richard T. Koles, and Charles F. Cummings is a photographic exploration of the area. .
  • “Newark’s Little Italy: The Vanished First Ward” by Michael Immerso offers information about a particular segment of the history an culture of the area. .
  • “No Easy Walk: Newark, 1980 – 1993” by Helen M. Stummer offers information about the lesser-seen side of Newark, where poverty and deprivation are turned in to hope and opportunity by locals in the area. .
  • “The Newark Teacher Strikes: Hopes on the Line” by Steve Golin is a personal story about the experience of the racial crisis in Newark in the late 1960’s.  More information about the book is available at .  More information about the history of the area is online at .
  • “The Old Jewish Cemeteries of Newark” by Alice Perkins Gould can be used as an exploration guide for a unique travel experience in the area. .