Newark is one of the oldest established cities in the United States.  It was first established in the middle of the seventeenth century by Puritan settlers.  It was a thriving city throughout the early Colonial Days.  Growth continued through the American Revolution and the beginning of United States history.

Growth in the area was only aided by the Industrial Revolution.  At that time, Newark became a center for the leather industry, lead by Seth Boyden, a critical figure in the history of the area.  Soon, industry in the area expanded to include plastic and zinc production.  This growth continued all the way up until the area was affected by the first and second world wars and the Great Depression.

The major historical activity in Newark in the modern age was the 1967 riots which were race related riots drawing national attention to the area.  More information about the riots can be found online at .  When the riots ended, the area withdrew from national attention.  Poverty marked much of the end of the twentieth century in the area.  However, since the beginning of the twenty first century, there has been much revitalization and the area has again begun to grow.

More extensive information about the history of Newark can be found online at .