The best part of being in Lawrenceville is that if you name a food chain in U.S. and its there, and some exclusive places too. If you are a big fan of italian food, Olive Garden is the only place worth a mention, though its a chain, and the place is jam packed over the weekends.

You are in for a treat if you love asian food. There is a Thai/Vietnamese food place called "Panang", it is BYOB and has no bar. But the food is balanced, not overly spicy and the decor is great. If you love Chinese and Thai food, you should try "Elements Asia", which also servers sushi,Thai Chicken curry and is also a BYOB Joint.  A new place just opened up on Route 1 next to Market Fair shopping area called "Chinese Bistro" and so far the word of mouth publicity has been great.

But AVOID indian food at all costs while in Lawrenceville. The place called "Palace of Asia" is not a palace, and is poorly reviewed.

And if you love steak, try KC Prime, Charlie Brown Steakhouse to name a few.

All the best , and keep visiting this page for new additions and reviews for places in Princeton, Lawrenceville area.