Because it is located fairly far north, as well as in the White Mountains, Lincoln, New Hampshire has a fairly cool year-round climate.  It is in part due to this cool climate, especially during the summer, that Lincoln has always been a popular tourist destination.  During July and August when southern New England and New York suffer extreme heat, people escape to New Hampshire's White Mountains for relief.  Lincoln has been a popular destination for visitors since the mid-18th Century.

The wintertime in Lincoln is, as one would imagine, very cold.  Temperatures there often drop well below 0 degrees F, and combined with mountain winds can feel even colder.  The region also gets a great deal of snow, a blessing for the area because it makes the White Mountains' ski industry possible, filling Lincoln's hotels with skiers from nearby Loon Mountain and other resorts.

Whether they come to escape the city hear or to ski for the weekend, visitors come to Lincoln all year long.  For an up to date weather forecast on Lincoln visit Weather Underground's Lincoln, New Hampshire page.