The state of New Hampshire enjoys all four seasons, with summers that are typically short and somewhat cool, winters that can be long and cold, spring that is brisk and fall that is simply colorful. Located in New England, the weather in Jackson can be among the coldest temperatures in the continental United States during the winter months.

There are numerous outdoor activities in the winter months, and this includes skiing, snowboarding and other sports when the region of Jackson becomes a winter wonderland. Daytime temperatures can be below freezing in during the winter months, and much colder after the sun goes down, so be sure to bring a warm cold and bundle up.

The spring arrives late, and even in early April there is a chance of snow. But as the seasons change the area does warm up a bit and the melting snows can transform the region of Jackson. During the summer the daytime temperatures can be in the low 80s, but still fall to the upper 50s at night.

Nor does summer last long and even by early September fall is in the air, and the colors begin to change. During the day there is plenty of sun, but also the greatest chance for rain. And by the end of November it is once again the winter season in Jackson.