Being located in the desert, Laughlin is a sunny, warm place year-round with an average temperature of about 75 degrees. However, from May until about October, the temps can range from the low 90s to 110s. It is very, very hot. But it's a "dry heat" as locals are so found of saying. The dry climate makes a very big difference. 

If you like the heat, by all means take your vacation here during this time. Otherwise, you might enjoy Laughlin during the other seasons when it's dry and relatively comfortable. It can get chilly during the winter at night - down to about 40 degrees or so, so make sure to pack some warm clothes even though you won't need them during the day.

There is a monsoon season - there's a reason this is desert country. Laughlin also experiences almost 300 plus days of sunshine a year, so bring the sunblock.