One of the things you need to understand about Las Vegas is that it is HUGE - the streets are huge and the casinos are huge. That Casino that looks so close is actually a 30 (Bellagio) - 50 (Wynn) story skyscraper and the "little" sign out front is 100 feet tall. The casinos are set back from the main road and there is very little at "ground level" to give you visual clues or perspective about the size of these buildings  So when you set out to take a walk,  please wear comfy shoes.  Even if you think you are a walker, and you love to walk, you will walk further in Las Vegas than anywhere else you have walked before.  The casinos span many normal city blocks themselves, so when you look at a map and see that a casino/hotel you want to visit is three casinos down the street, it will probably take you 1/2 hour to get there. As an example, MGM Grand to Ballys is a 1 mile walk!   Plus, there are lots of other walkers and you need to navigate around them, and navigate away from all the guys trying to hand you flyers for the ladies who wear practically nothing but who want to show you a good time. Just be sure to allow  plenty of time to get from point A to point B.

Everyone wears sneaks, and for a good reason.  In fact, bring at least two pairs of comfortable shoes in case you wear one pair out.  Even walking to to the monorail will take you a while because they are usually buried in the back of the casino/hotel and by the time you navigate through the hundreds of people also walking around in the casino/hotel, it will be 10 minutes just to get there.  And if you get a car, you will still have a long walk from your hotel room to the car, then from the car to the restaurant inside the casino.  Some of the casinos are so elaborately laid out you literally need a map to find your way to the wherever you are going (unless you are seeking out a slot machine, of course).

Walking tours are another great way to get the 'lay of the land' when you first arrive. Consider a  Food Tour on the Strip or discover the 'original strip' downtown with a guided historic tour . Typically walking tours can leave you prepared to enjoy more than you expected during your vacation.

Other tips for getting around LV: First, do not be afraid to utilize public transportation.  The 'DEUCE' runs every 5 minutes, 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week up and down the strip (Las Vegas Blvd.) from Mandalay Bay to Downtown. It's only $8 for a 24 hour unlimited pass or $20 for a 3 day pass. Get a pass as soon as you get to Vegas, it will save your legs, and save you money. 

On any given day (even at night) large numbers of people are walking but very few taking the buses. Still, waiting in 100+ degree heat for a bus that may be late isn't as comfortable as window shopping inside an air-conditioned casino right? Their bus transfer tickets can't be used on the same route you first got them from, but you can use them twice or more. Bus passes that are valid for a 24 hour period are available from bus drivers for approximately $5USD. These allow you to take as many rides as you wish within a 24 hour period of purchase.

Second, be wary of taking a taxi.  On two visits in consecutive years, cab drivers may take the long route to rack up charges. From the airport, many cabbies take the "Tunnel route" which heads south from the airport to the roads with higher speed limits. It is actually faster to head north and travel on the side roads into the casinos.

Third, do pick up one of the many free Las Vegas visitor publications available in the casino lobby areas or in your room. They have information on shows, attractions, restaurants, sightseeing, and casino promos.  And this doesn't mean the pornographic material in sidewalk newsboxes.

Fourth, you'll see fellow tourists with barely any sun protection.  Sunblock is essential, and a wide-brimmed hat is recommended -- but even a plastic visor is better than none.  Also take along water and refreshment, in thermos or bottles.  Las Vegas is a desert region, and as such the concrete and buildings reflect heat like an oven.

Fifth, Go see the Sapphire Comedy Hour on Friday or Saturday nights at 8pm. Also go to the M Resort  "Laugh out Loud: Comedy Show Friday nights at 9pm. Both shows are great and VERY funny!