Lava Butte is a prominent mountain in southern Nevada, which is now easier to access than in previous years. A road runs right up to the wash acroos which Lava Butte rises majestically from the desert floor. I recommend taking water to quench your thirst as the climb is up, up, upward—with respite. The desert sun shines fiercely throughout the summer, so I would recommend an early morning climb. Rocks, boulders, and more rock has to be agilely crossed. Take a camera with you because a startling view awaits you. When reaching the summit, an impressive panorama greets your eyes. Swirls of yellow, red, purple and green hills cart- wheel away from the mountain. Other parts of the desert floor glitter as though distant lakes sparkled in the distance. The wind helps cool the body, though no one would recommend being on the mountain when the wind is fierce, as small particles can bombard the body; this is what sand blasting must feel like. Whenver you climb this black, volcanic peak, make certain that you have sufficient water as well as safe shoes, which will not latterally roll when stepping on rocks. If you climb this mountain once or twice, you will find the experience exhillerating indeed! Happy trails to you! Hats off to Lava Butte!