Just about every casino or resort has a small gift shop which sells snacks, beverages (including alcohol) and sundries. The prices tend to be very high. So there are frequent requests on the Tripadvisor Forum for liquor stores, drug stores and grocery stores that are convenient to the Strip (or downtown). The following is not exhaustive, but is a listing of the places most convenient for tourists in the usual tourist haunts. There is no discussion of the small "convenience stores" here. There are too many, and their prices are not usually very good.

There is an exception to the "hotel prices are high" concept:  The Orleans liquor store (10am - midnight). There is a free shuttle from under the Linq High Roller Observation Wheel (yards from the Strip from 9:30am) to the Orleans (May 2016). The shuttle also serves the Gold Coast which also has similar priced liquor in their Gift Shop (as does the Suncoast). For example Castell Rum 1.75L $13.99 or Bacardi Rum 1.75L $24.99 in plastic bottles (Nov 2015) both go well with cola. Bacardi at Walmarts is believed to be about $20-25 for 1.75L (further conformation needed).The Orleans can be reached by bus from the bus stop outside NYNY main enterance on Tropicana (Bus 201, $2).

The liquor store at Silver Sevens (Terrible's Casino on Flamingo) is reputed to have relatively low prices (its gift shop prices are very reasonable).

South Point’s liquor store also has decent prices, but it is not convenient for most tourists.

It has been suggested that for large orders, that people arrange a Vons delivery to your hotel. A Vons delivery truck has been seen at the Luxor (information on how the hotel delivery is met and delivered to the room is below). Other supermarkets may deliver too.


On the Strip itself, there are no major grocery stores. There are some convenience stores (small markets, usually with high price tags), a few liquor stores and some drug stores. Some drug stores on the Strip now sell liquor, wine and beer.

There is a liquor/convenience store called the Stage Door next to The Cromwelll, on Flamingo, just east of the Strip. This is right across the street from the Bally's Food Court / Sports Book entrance. Although this is not ON the Strip, it is only a short block off Strip. This is highly reccomended by Las Vegas Forum members.

The Walgreens and CVSs drug stores on the Strip have started carrying beer, wine or booze (2011). On the Strip itself, there is a CVS and a Walgreens (these are major drug store chains), down near Monte Carlo. Both now carry booze and they have a full supply of snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. For any foreigners, in the States, drug stores are more like small department stores than they are traditional pharmacies (although some have clinics from minor ailments, 2015). They carry a small selection of hardware, small appliances, groceries (mostly snacks, sandwiches, cookies, canned and packaged goods, but some carry milk and eggs, cheese etc), frozen goods, clothing, ... Wine, beer, hard liquor, soft beverages, tobacco products, ... Toiletries, beauty supplies, batteries, film, film processing, ... Children’s games... They are everything stores, not just pharmacies. Some have clinics for minor ailments.

There is now a Walgreens at the Venetian that stocks alcohol. And a Walgreens on the Strip up at Convention Center Drive may not carry beer, wine or liquor (info needed).  There is a new CVS in this same vicinity and may not carry beer or wine or alcohol (info needed). There is a large Walgreens next to Planet Hollywood (opened Jan 2012), this is convenient for those staying as the Cosmpolitian too. There is a new Walgreens at Casino Royale (Jan 2015) and a CVS is open at TI (2015). There is also a Walgreens downtown on Fremont, at the corner of 4th Street, just across the street from where the canopy begins.

There is a liquor store near Encore, just north of the Cathedral. This is the southeast corner of the Strip and Convention Center.  It is owned By Lee's Discount Liquor but named differently, maybe to charge drug store prices. 

The ABC Stores -- there are several of these stores, one at the Fashion Show Mall, two in Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood and also one on Fremont downtown (just a few doors up from the Golden Nugget) - do sell booze, wine and beer, along with a lot of snacks and Hawaiian tourist stuff.  The prices are reasonable for convenience stores.There is an ABC Store opposite the Monte Carlo and convenient for those staying in MGM as well. Prices should be compared to the Grand Canyon store next to MGM West Wing enterance. 

There is a new Liquor Store opened at the Flamingo and at the Linq Casino, probably cheaper than most hotel gift shops but not by much.

At Sahara Ave. and the Strip (northwest corner) is the Bonanza Gift Store. They have some groceries and liquor.  Very handy for those staying at SLS.

There is a liquor store opposite the Luxor - Mandalay Bay that may be convenient for those staying there or the neighbouring hotels, once a crosswalk has been found (Google Street View).



The Strip runs generally north and south. People normally consider "The Strip" to be that portion of Las Vegas Boulevard between Mandalay Bay on the south and the Sahara on the north. Traditionally, the Stratosphere has been considered to be too far north to be part of "The Strip."

The major streets parallel to the Strip, heading east from the Strip, are Paradise, Swenson and Maryland Parkway.  Maryland Parkway is only a mile or two from the Strip but really for off-strip you need a car.

Immediately west of the Strip is a pretty desolate industrial area. For purposes of grocery stores convenient to the Strip, you need to look to the east.

The south end of the Strip is near Russell. Heading north on the Strip from Russell, the major streets in order are Tropicana, Flamingo, Spring Mountain/Sands/Twain (the same street is called Spring Mountain west of the Strip and Sands east of the Strip. As you drive east on Sands, it soon becomes Twain), Desert Inn (which does not intersect with the Strip, but crosses under it), Sahara and finally Charleston. (For the purest, Charleston intersects with Las Vegas Boulevard so far north that at this point, Las Vegas Boulevard is no longer considered to be "The Strip.")

If you are staying on the Strip, and are looking for a grocery/drug or liquor store, this report is about the most convenient stores between Russell and Charleston.


New in 2009, between the airport and the Strip, there is a small shopping center called McCarran Village.  This shopping center is part of "BlueGreen Club 36", which seems to be a timeshare. This is on the north side of Tropicana just west of Paradise.     

    Grind Burger Bar & Lounge
     ABC Store (liquor, beer, wine, snacks)
     Einstein Bagels
     Due Pizzeria
     Super Liquor

Just east of the airport, at the southwest corner of Tropicana and Maryland Parkway, there is a shopping center with a Von's Grocery Store. Von's is a major grocery store chain. This is a relatively small Von's. This is the closest grocery store to the airport. Your cab or limo can make a quick stop here if you’d like to stock up with some supplies when you first land, on your way to the hotel.

Von’s is a complete grocery store. It has fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, diary, canned goods, baked goods, junk/snack food, frozen food, juices, soda, water, toiletries, laundry supplies, etc., etc. Oh, by the way, in Nevada, grocery stores are allowed to sell beer, wine and hard liquor, so Von’s sells these as well. As well as those inexpensive styrofoam coolers and more expensive but more durable coolers. And bags of ice.

If you are on the South Strip, this Von’s (southwest corner of Tropicana and Maryland Parkway) is the most convenient full grocery store to you.

There is a bus that runs right down Tropicana to this Von’s (201).  You can catch the bus right at the Strip (there is a bus stop maybe 100 yards east of the Strip on Tropicana directly in front of the Tropicana Casino) and it will drop you off at the corner of Maryland Parkway. Returning, it will drop off by NYNY. The bus fare is $2.00 pp each way.  Of course, if you have an all-day Deuce bus pass, the pass also includes unlimited access to All Las Vegas buses at no additional charge. An all day pass can be purchased onboard the bus using dollar bills. A group can pay the exact amount with higher denomination bills, for example 3 x $8 24h pass tickets including a $20 placed in the machine but ask the driver first for the tickets you want. No change is given.

Between Tropicana and Flamingo, on the east side of Paradise, approximately one block south of Harmon, there is a small liquor store.  This is just north of the Double Down Saloon, an (infamous) dive bar.  Very convenient to the Hard Rock Casino.  Someone will have to compare the prices here to the prices at the CVS Drug Store at the northeast corner of Harmon and Paradise. 

FLAMINGO : At the northeast corner of Flamingo and Maryland Parkway, there is a large shopping center with an Albertson's. For those who do not know, Albertson’s is another major grocery chain in this part of the country. This Albertson’s is a much larger and newer store than the Von's at Tropicana. There is also a CVS on this corner.

At this same intersection (Flamingo and Maryland Parkway), but on the northwest corner, there is a Walgreen's Drug Store. Just like the Walgreen’s Stores on the Strip prior to 2011, this Walgreen’s may not sell beer, wine and liquor.

At the same corner as Walgreens, there is a Target. Target is a discount department store, with everything from clothing to electronics to sporting goods, to hardware, jewelry, ...

SANDS/SPRING MOUNTAIN :  At the southwest corner of Twain (this is the same street as Sands and Spring Mountain -- the street between the Venetian and the Wynn Resort) and Maryland Parkway, there is a newer and larger Von's.

DESERT INN: There are no grocery stores on Desert Inn convenient to the Strip.  (Several miles WEST of the Strip, there is a Smith's at the corner of Desert Inn and Decatur.)

SAHARA:  Heading north, the next major street is Sahara.  There is a major chain grocery store at Sahara and – you guessed it, Maryland Parkway!  The Albertson’s that was at the southeast corner has closed (maybe March 2015) but there is a Smiths nearby. There is a McDonalds, a Dairy Queen and a whole lot of other small stores in this shopping center.

At the southeast corner of Sahara and Maryland Parkway, there is a Smith’s Grocery.

CHARLESTON:   If you are as far north as Charleston, there is some kind of non-chain grocery store on the south side of the street just before you reach Maryland Parkway.  Having never been inside this store, no comments are offered.  The name is Save A Lot, or something similar.  There is also a drug store at this corner, with a sign saying "Liquor."  There is a 99 Cent Only store on the northwest corner.

The Store Locators on Vons, Albertsons, Walmart and Smiths websites will provide maps. 


There are numerous WalMarts in Las Vegas.  Two of them are relatively convenient for tourists staying on the Strip. 

One of these "convenient" Walmarts is  located on Tropicana, about three or four miles east of the Strip.  You can get to this Walmart easily by bus.  You catch the bus on Tropicana Ave (outside the Tropicana Hotel), and take the bus all the way to the Walmart.  One bus #201 EB, no transfers needed.

The second "convenient" Walmart is a new (2008) WalMart SuperCenter on Eastern, just south of Russell.  It is closer to the Strip than the Tropicana Walmart, and it is newer and larger.  However, for those traveling by bus, it is not as convenient, because it would be a two bus trip, requiring a transfer at Eastern.  For those with a car, the Eastern Avenue Walmart SuperCenter is closer to the Strip.  This SuperCenter is also very convenient to the airport's rental car pick-up center.  From the car rental pickup center, head east to Eastern, turn left (north) and the Walmart will be on your left.


There is a Target on Flamingo. It is at the northwest corner of Maryland Parkway, north of the Walgreens that is at that same intersection. There is also a good Thai restaurant ("Thai Place") in that shopping center – no ambiance, but friendly service and good food. And there is an  interesting Indian market in the same center.

The lowest priced grocery store chain in town might be Smith's. All of the Food For Less stores may have closed.  


On Paradise (the first major street east of the Strip), at Harmon, just across from the Hard Rock, there is a CVS Drug Store. This one does carry beer, wine and liquor.

As mentioned above, there is a Walgreens on Maryland Pkwy and Flamingo.

There is also a Walgreens downtown on Fremont, at the corner of 4th Street, just across the street from where the canopy begins.

Hope this helps!


Vons delivery at THEhotel (now Delano) at Mandalay Bay (Sept 2011).

In order to do it, you have to set up a delivery account. Use the hotel's address as the address for the account. If you want to arrange to delivery to a different hotel for a future trip, just go in and change the address. Make sure you use your cell phone number as the contact number.

The delivery was scheduled to be in a one-hour window. The order was about $80, about 8 - 10 bags worth, and had a variety of stuff including produce, dairy, bakery items, and booze. All of the items on the list were delivered and everything was acceptable (no expired dairy or bad produce). When you enter your order they do give you options as to substitutions if they are out of stock for a particular item.

The delivery was on time. The delivery guy called from the entrance and meet him in the lobby. The bags were loaded into plastic tote boxes on a hand truck and followed up to the room. He did mention that some hotels do not allow them to go up to the rooms (he mentioned Aria specifically).