Steak Dinners (24 hours)

Ellis Island: 10 oz. Sirloin, salad, baked potato w/free freshly brewed root beer or beer , 6.99 (not on menu, must ask for it)
Orleans (Courtyard Café): 16 oz. T-Bone, 11.95
Gold Coast (Monterey Room): 16 oz. T-Bone, 9.95
Sun Coast (Siena Café): 16 oz. Porterhouse, 11.99  
Terrible’s (Bougainvillea Café): T-Bone, 9.99 (not on menu, ask)
Hard Rock (Mr. Lucky’s): Steak and three Shrimp, 7.77 Gambler’s Special (not on menu, ask)
Arizona Charlie’s Boulder (Sourdough Cafe): 14 oz. Porterhouse,  9.99 
Ellis Island: Top Sirloin and 5 Shrimp, 9.99 
Best Western Mardi Gras (Paradise Rd): Steak & Shrimp, 9.95                                                                
Sun Coast (Café Siena):  16 oz Porterhouse 11.99

Steak Dinners (limited hours)

Riviera: Kady’s T-Bone Steak 12.95 (10PM-6AM, closed Friday nights)
Golden Gate (Bay City Diner): 16 oz. Porterhouse, 14.99 (11AM-Midnight)                              
El Cortez (Kitty’s Café):  New York Steak dinner 7.95 (11PM-7AM)                                    
Sahara (Caravan Café):  T-bone 13.99 (4:30PM-7PM)                                                             

Prime Rib Dinners (24 hours)

Orleans (Courtyard Café): 11.95
Ellis Island:  includes Ellis Island beer or root beer & baked potato  10.99
Arizona Charlie’s Decatur (Sourdough Cafe):  8 oz 8.50/12 oz 10.99 (11AM-10PM)
Sun Coast (Café Siena): 9.99  

Prime Rib Dinners (limited hours)

Sahara (Caravan Café): 8.99 (2.00 off for slot club members) (4:30PM-7PM)
Circus Circus (Pink Pony Café): 10.99 (Sun-Thur, 3PM-11PM, excluding holidays) 
Wildfire:  Prime Friday’s, 8 oz Prime Rib w/choice of potatoes, 9.99 (Fri starting at 4PM, not available at all Wildfire Casinos)                                                                                           
Arizona Charlie’s Boulder (Wild West Buffet): Prime Rib Dinner 8.99 w/slot card/10.99 w/o (Fri-Sat, 4PM-9PM, Sun 4PM-9PM)                                                                                          
Joker’s Wild (Court Café):  9.99 {11AM-10PM)                                                                              
Sun Coast (Café Siena):  Roasted prime Rib 9.99 (11AM-11PM)

Four Queens (Magnolia's) $7.98 w/potato choice, veggie (w/players club card), nightly

Binion's Coffee Shop (Friday evening Prime Rib Special $9.99 - $6.99 w/Players Cards (each person in party must have card)  No wait.  7/14/09


Wild Wild West (Loose Trax Bar & Lounge):  Wild Burger Meal (includes fries), 2.99
Wildfire:  Wild Burger Meal, 2.99 (available at all 3 Wildfire Casinos)                                          
Arizona Charlie’s Decatur (Sourdough Café): Classic Belly Bomber Burger, ½ Lb 50’s style burger, 4.99                                                                                                                             
California (Aloha Specialties): Hamburger w/Macaroni Salad, 2.85 Available 24 Hrs                                     
California (Aloha Specialties): Teri Burger w/Macaroni Salad, 2.85 Sun-Thu 9AM-9PM, Fri 9AM-10PM


Boulder Station (Boulder Café):  BBQ Pork Rib dinner (w/coleslaw, bbq bwans,corn & French fries), 8.99 (4PM-11PM

Rotisserie Chicken

Terrible’s (Bougainvillea Café): ½ chicken, with salad, rice, beans, corn on the cob, 5.99, Not on Menu, Ask your Server. 


El Cortez: (Kitty’s Café) 3.95 (11PM-7AM) 
Rampart (Promenade Cafe): Early Risers Club, various breakfast specials for seniors, 1.99 (Mon-Fri, 5AM-8AM, excluding holidays)
JW Marriott LV Resort, Spa & Golf (Promenade Cafe): Deuces Wild, 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, 2 sausage, 2.21 (Midnight-5AM)  
JW Marriott LV Resort, Spa & Golf (Promenade Cafe): Jack Stack, 4 buttermilk pancakes, 2.21 (Midnight-5AM)  
Ellis Island: 2 scrambled eggs, Biscuits & gravy, bacon or sausage, 3.99  (11PM-6AM)
Arizona Charlie’s Boulder (Sourdough Café): ham steak and eggs, 3.29
Arizona Charlie’s Decatur (Sourdough Café): ham steak and eggs, 3.29
Arizona Charlie’s Decatur (Sourdough Café): 3 pancakes, 2 eggs, hash browns, 3.50
Wild Wild West: 2 eggs, bacon or sausage & 1 Pc toast, 1.49 (Midnight-11AM) 
Wildfire: 2 eggs, bacon or sausage & toast 1.49 (not available at Barley’s or The Greens)
Barley’s:  The Grand Silo, 3 eggs, 3 bacon or sausage, hash browns & toast 2.49 
Sunset Station (Sunset café): 3 eggs, ham, bacon or sausage, hash browns & a short stack of pancakes, 5.99
Boulder Station(Boulder Café):  3 eggs, ham, bacon or sausage, hash browns & a short stack of pancakes, 3.99 (24 Hrs)                                                                                                              
Orleans (Courtyard Café): 2 eggs, hash browns, bacon or sausage, 2.95 (Mon-Thu, Midnight-6AM)
Orleans (Courtyard Café): ham steak and eggs, 3.95 (Mon-Thu, Midnight-6AM)                                  
Steiner’s a Nevada Style Pub:  2 eggs, bacon or sausage, hash browns & choice of bread, 3.99  Texas Station (Texas Café):  Pancake Sandwich, 2.49                                                                          
Texas station (Texas Café):  3 eggs, hash browns & toast, 2.99 (Midnight-11AM)                          
Circus Circus (Casino Cafe):  Graveyard Special, 2 eggs, hash browns, toast, bacon or sausage & coffee, 4.99 (11PM-5AM, excluding holidays)                                                                                       
Golden Gate (Bay City Diner): Giant ham steak and eggs 3.99 (Midnight-6AM)   

Shrimp Cocktail Specials

Golden Gate (San Francisco Shrimp Bar & Deli):  Classis shrimp cocktail, 1.99 (.99 w/slot card)
Golden Gate (San Francisco Shrimp Bar & Deli):  The big shrimp cocktail, 3.99                               
Circus Circus (Westside Deli): Giant shrimp cocktail, 2.50 

Other Dinner Specials

Boulder Station (Pasta Palace):  Shrimp, Steak & Lobster, 19.99                                                                          
Boulder Station (Pasta Palace):  All you can ear pasta, salad & bread, 7.99 (4PM-9:30PM  
California (Aloha Specialties):  Chicken Super Bowl over rice, 2.85 (9AM-9PM Sun-Thu, 9AM-10PM Fri-Sat)                                                                                                                      
California (Aloha Specialties):  Chicken Tofu Saimin noodles, 4.75 (9AM-9PM Sun-Thu, 9AM-10PM Fri-Sat)                                                                                                                            
California (Aloha Specialties):  Loco Moco, (bowl of rice topped w/hamburger patty, fried egg & brown gravy), 4.75 (9AM-9PM Sun-Thu, 9AM-10PM Fri-Sat)                                                            
California (Aloha Specialties):  Large bowl Saimin noodles, 5.00 (9AM-9PM Sun-Thu, 9AM-10PM Fri-Sat)                                                                                                                                    
Tuscany (Marilyn’s Café):  Various Specials throughout the week, including steak, lobster, prime rib & chicken (no pricing available)                                                                                          
Rampart (Promenade Café):  Senior Specials (varies), 4.99 (Sun-Thu 3PM-5PM, excluding Holidays)                                                                                                                                                             Rampart (Promenade Café):  Monthly Dinner Specials (varied specials at various prices, check restaurant website), (11AM-10PM)                                                                                                         
Wildfire:  Spaghetti & Meatballs (includes soup or salad), 5.99 (available at all 3 Wildfire Casinos)                                                                                                                                                             Wild Wild West:  Spaghetti & Meatballs (includes soup or salad), 5.99                                                              
Arizona Charlie’s Decatur (Sourdough Café):  Great American Specials, selection varies daily 7.50 (11AM-10PM)                                                                                                                                    
Arizona Charlie’s Decatur (Sourdough Café):  All you can eat spaghetti w/soup or salad & breadsticks 4.99 (must have slot card)                                                                                                                        

Joker’s Wild (Court Café): varied specials at various prices, check restaurant website, (must have slot card, additional 1.00 off when paying with points)                                                                                
Binion’s (Coffee Shop): Blue Plate Special (varied daily specials) 7.99 (11AM – 10PM)

Cannery (Victory’s Café): Monthly Specials, varied tems at varied prices (11AM-11PM) 

Four Queens (Magnolia's) $7.98 chicken fried steak dinner w/potato, veggie (w/players club card), nightly

Drink Specials

The Plaza:  Well drinks, 2.50                                                                                                             
Fiesta:  Corona, 1.50                                                                                                                              
Joker’s Wild (Pigskin Snack & Sports Bar)  .99 draft beer all day

Casino Royale: $1 Michelob's or Margharita's daily

Bill's Gamblin' Hall: 99 cent margharita's (back bar next to sport's book)

Buffets:  The below information was only partially updated:

Most Las Vegas hotel/casinos have buffets. The prices vary greatly as does the quality. Most have champagne brunches on the week-ends (some on both Saturday and Sunday, some Sunday only).
Gourmet-Quality (and are priced accordingly with lunch from about $15 to $20 dollars and dinner from the low $20's to over $30):
Wynn Las Vegas
Treasure Island
Rio (the Rio also has a separate seafood buffet that is only open for dinner and which is $34.99)

Plaza 777  Weekend Brunch Buffet -- $9.99 w-card    Food was good...No wait....Just realize the Plaza is one of the older casinos and not in a brand new building...The buffet area is appropriately called "Stuffed"...

Best Bargain

Green Valley Ranch (pricier than most, but very good quality); it is particularly good for week-end brunchBally's Sterling Brunch - on Sundays the menu contains items such as champagne, sturgeon caviar, lobster, and freshly prepared sushi, along with the standards, such as omelets and beef tenderloin Orleans - although it has slipped a little recently Palace Station and Boulder Station  - a little behind the others, but in general, if a casino has Station in its name its buffet will be pretty good                                                                        
Vegas Club (Lucky 7’s):  7.77 all day (Brunch 6AM-4PM, Dinner 4PM-10PM)           
Terrible’s:  Theme Nights, varied menu themes nightly 9.99 every night except Seafood Night (Thu) 14.99 (4PM-9PM)