If you've always wanted to have a massage but have held back, well while in Las Vegas you should go for it!  Almost every resort hotel has a spa and on their website you can peruse a SPA MENU.  Most spas will offer a variety of forms of massage; SHIATSU, DEEP TISSUE, SPORTS MASSAGE, HOT RIVER ROCK MASSAGES and AROMATHERAPY are some examples.  A good spa menu goes into detail about what to expect from each kind.

The SPA MENU often includes a link on SPA ETIQUETTE.  Some people are not sure how to act in a spa, how to dress for it and especially what to wear or not wear during a treatment.  Every masseuse and massage therapist has dealt with this. You are paying for this service, so let it happen in a way that makes you feel comfortable.  Some people might be under the impression that you must be completely undressed during a massage, this is not true.  If your wish is to leave your bottom underclothes on, you may.  If your wish is to leave your top underclothes (brassiere) on, you may.  Do not wear a onepiece woman's bathing suit though.  The masseuse uses a technique called DRAPING during your massage, and all your private parts will remain covered with sheets during your service.  The sheets will be moved around throughout your massage to best make use of covering you up.

A first class spa will ask you to fill out a form which asks if you have any health issues or soft spots or injuries the therapist should know about. There are many places off-Strip that are less SPA and more SHADY LADY kind of places, be careful where you book your treatment.  

Now your next step is to do some research on your own and then you need to place that phonecall and make the reservation. Remember what they say, What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.