Somewhere along the line, some poor sap spent an evening in New York, took notice of the overall hustle and bustle of the city, and thought he was in a city worthy of the name the “City That Never Sleeps”. While it may seem that New York is the truest definition of that moniker, there is one other city that could easily blow the Big Apple out of the water. Las Vegas - or Sin City, as some would title it - is the real sleepless city, so much so that it is best known for its nightlife than it is for any daytime activities it may hold. -

Is it the overall fact that all of the city’s casino properties are open 24 hours that brings in such a hefty nightlife following, or is it the sheer inability for people to fall asleep when there is so much activity going on? Guaranteed, if you walk down any Manhattan block at 2 in the morning you’d see less people than if you were standing in line at a Las Vegas bathroom at the same time of night. Whatever it is that attracts people to the Las Vegas nightlife, one thing is perfectly clear - there is no shortage of nighttime entertainment.

Though Las Vegas’ fame has grown thanks to its list of flagship casinos, even those not entertained by loosing money to an inanimate object can find some form of entertainment to suit their desires. From late night comedy acts and burlesque shows to nightclubs that seem to shut their doors only when the sun is threatening the night, Las Vegas houses an endless stream of entertainment opportunities.  

Nightclubs and strip clubs are at the top of Sin City’s “must see” nightlife list, and there are plenty to go around. From the gold-laced, $100 million dollar XS nightclub at the Encore hotel and resort, to the toned down Italian Villa look and feel at the Bellagio’s Hyde, most may find themselves pleasantly surprised by the range within the city’s club life. While it’s common to immediately assume all clubs are built on ample bass, distracting lighting and a sturdy dance floor, newer clubs like 1OAK (which, ironically, originated in New York City) lend themselves to a more rustic, lounge-like feel. Thanks to the near constant nice weather that the desert offers, clubs like Chateau at the Paris are home to outdoor sitting areas where guests can entertain themselves with a little people watching and friendly conversation. Before you dive right into Sin City’s nightclub scene, its best to seek advice from a local travel authority such as Bachelor Vegas, where any guest of the city can have an entire night on the town planned out for them. These nightclubs and strip clubs can be costly, so it is best to go through a service that can provide you the inside scoop on booking a party.

No matter where you go in Las Vegas and no matter what time of day it is, there is some form of party going on. Brave souls can venture down to the feared Freemont Street Experience and find themselves amongst Old Las Vegas. While Freemont has plenty of negative connotations about its “seediness”, there is little reason (save for its distance from the Strip) to not experience this street-vendor fueled stretch of covered road. Freemont Street houses some of Las Vegas’ oldest properties and transports its guests to a time when Sin City was still predominantly a gambling town and the concept of “nightlife” consisted simply of getting to know the dealer’s names during the witching hours.

Las Vegas may be intimidating once you step off of the plane, but the city is as welcoming as an authentic Italian grandmother. From late night gambling to mingling with others beneath the desert stars, it seems almost impossible that there could be any individual that this city does not cater to.