Best Casinos in Las Vegas

The Best Casinos in Las Vegas

Before you hop on a plane to Las Vegas, you want to make sure you know where to find the best Casinos that will offer you exactly, what you are looking for. Yes you should see them all, but you should pick the casino that will offer you the room you want, the casino that will give you the gambling experience you are looking for, and of course, the casino that has the best buffet in town!

So here is a list of the best Casinos in Las Vegas, organized by features:

The best gambling Casino in Las Vegas:

Some of you just want to enjoy the slot machines and not worry about cards and table games. And others might find the following information interesting!

Casinos you visit for cheap games:

If you want to enjoy cards and table games without having to bet high, Casino Royal, one of the smaller Casinos, offers tables with bets starting at $1. The Flamingo is not a large casino either, but offers the most popular games for bets as low as 5$.

Casinos your visit for the experience:

If you are traveling  with your family, you might want to find a casino where you can enjoy gambling without having your kids getting bored! The Circus Circus is a great casinos for its amazing decor, but also for its family oriented organization. You can gamble while your kids can enjoy the amusement park, the video arcade and rides.

For the best poker tables, the Mandalay Bay is your casino of choice! The staff  there makes sure that you get the best experience possible and offers advice during your game. Lessons to learn how to play are offered for free during the afternoon.

Casinos you visit for their large choices and high bets:

The Caesars Palace is known to be the casino of the casinos in Las Vegas for an authentic gambling experience. It is the most expensive Casino in Las Vegas, but it is also the Casino with the best location, the most choices and amazing service. The MGM Grand carries its name well as it is the largest casino. Numerous gambling options,and even a Child Development Center, so that parents can free their mind and focus on their bets!

Casinos you visit for the best Blackjack games:

El Cortez (downtown) still offers games with single and double decks with 3:2 blackjack and even some $3 tables (weekdays) and always $5 tables. The Western has some cheap blackjack as well and often the inexperienced dealers mess up and pay you when you lose, but keep an eye on them because their mistakes can cost you if you win and don't pay attention.

The best hotel Casinos in Las Vegas:

Planning your trip to Las Vegas also means finding the best hotel. There are so many choices available, that it is hard to know where to start. So here are a few hints on the best hotels you can find for different prices.

$ : El Cortez Hotel

You have the choice between 3 types of rooms. The most simple and cheaper ones are called the Vintage rooms, then you have the Pavillion rooms, and the most expensive, but still in a reasonable price range are the Tower rooms. This is a great casino hotel to stay especially if you are planning on only stopping by for a couple hours of sleep and a shower!

$$: The Mirage

Though it is an older hotel building, the inside was completely redone and is now pretty modern. For its location the prices are really good. The rooms are comfortable and clean, and the service very good. The pool is also very appreciated, especially on those hot summer days after walking along the Strip.

$$$: The Skylofts at the MGM Grand

Probably one the most luxurious and expensive hotels in Las Vegas, the Skylofts offers you suites fully equipped with everything you might and might not need, comfort, and a very chic atmosphere. Expect the most amazing service!

The best restaurant casinos in Las Vegas:


Finding a room that matches your idea of comfort, the games you want to play is great, but you've got to eat as well.  The Strip has a lot of restaurant choices, in all price ranges, style and cuisine.  Most Casinos give the opportunity to eat for free at their buffets if you sign up for a free membership, or if you simply play for more than an hour.

There are also two fine dining restaurant worth mentioning on the Strip, in case you wonder where to eat, or celebrate that big win you just got!

$$$ - Fellini's: 

Is an Italian restaurant in the Stratosphere. Wake up your taste buds with the wonderful italian dishes in a great atmosphere. You will enjoy the elegant atmosphere and the professionalism of the staff.

$$$$ - Le Cirque:

At the Bellagio, is the french fine dining experience in Las Vegas! The menu is diverse and with more choices than you need.  Come enjoy some of the most amazing french dishes in a wonderful decorated restaurant.

Take advantage of the best casinos and still enjoy the other ones. And if you need to get away from the strip, don't forget Las Vegas also have a lot more to offer such as great attractions or even golf!