No matter when you visit Tahoe, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, there is always more than enough to fill your day. The area is home to many beautiful peaks that offer a mountaineering challenge; Freels Peak stands the tallest at almost 10,900ft (about 3600m), while Mt. Pluto is the one that has most recently erupted.

Wander the Tahoe countryside, either by yourself or with a guide. Bikes and cars are available for rent in Tahoe from numerous establishments (try one of the several Heavenly Sports outlets for an all-terrain bike) or go with an organized tour group (Lake Tahoe Adventures or the Spooner Lake Outdoor Company). To make the day trip into a longer journey, bring along a tent and make a reservation at one of the numerous campgrounds around the lake. There are even parks that accept RV trailers.

Exploring the country by horseback is a fun option offered by several stables. Camp Richardson Corral, located in South Lake Tahoe, converts its wilderness horseback treks into sleigh rides for the winter months, and Borges Family Sleigh and Carriage Rides goes even further by offering rides in antique European sleighs and Visa-a-Vie carriages.

If you’re looking for some vigorous exercise, there are a plethora of hiking trails around Lake Tahoe. A few long-distance hiking trails require permits, so check before setting off into the wilderness. For slightly more vigorous sports, rafts, boats and skis can be rented during the Summer, and dogsledding, ice skating, snowmobiling and snowshoeing equipment is available in the Winter.