The fairly small size of Missoula shouldn’t be used to judge the city’s cultural heritage. Missoula is home to several excellent museums including the Missoula Art Museum (MAM), which is home to several unique collections that include art from local as well as international artists, along with the permanent collection of contemporary American Indian Art.

The city’s Historical Museum features indoor galleries with permanent and visiting collections, and the outdoor center that features a complex of a dozen historically significant buildings, including a 19th century one-room schoolhouse. The Historical Museum is on the grounds of what was Fort Missoula.

The nearby Museum of Mountain Flying is located at the Missoula Airport, and today is the only aviation museum anywhere in the state of Montana. This unique museum is focused on the various aircraft, as well as the men who flew them, over the Northern Rockies nearly 80 years ago.

At the University of Montana is the Montana Museum of Art and Culture , and it includes numerous permanent collections of art by Edgar Paxson, Henry Meloy and works by Frederick Remington and Alfred Maurer. It is located in the Performing Arts and Radio/Television Building on the University of Montana campus.