Busch Stadium is the home of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team and a central point of influence in the city's culture. Busch Stadium can be visited in several different ways; for a regular Cardinals baseball game, as part of a dedicated tour, for a concert or special event, or you can walk & explore outside the Stadium on your own.

Visiting for a baseball game:

There are a number of ways you can arrive to Busch Stadium if you're coming to see a game. Many patrons drive into downtown St. Louis, and park in a nearby garage or surface parking lot. Prices vary greatly, as you can expect to pay more the closer you park to the Stadium. The city's MetroLink serivice is also a popular option. For instance, residents of Metro-East St. Louis will park at the Casino Queen's large surface parking lot, and take MetroLink to Busch Stadium. Be warned, train cars can get very crowded after the game ends. Out of town visitors have the option of staying in a downtown St. Louis hotel and simply walking to Busch Stadium.

If the game you're attending has a promotional giveaway that day, you should expect to see medium to long lines forming up to an hour before the stadium's gates open (meaning it would be three hours or more before first pitch). Busch Stadium always opens two hours before first pitch, and all seating areas are available to visit as soon as the gates open. If you enter the stadium right when the gates open, you'll typically get to see the last part of the Cardinals' batting practice, and then the visiting team's full batting practice session. During batting practice, some fans like to sit or stand in the bleachers or outfield seating areas to try to catch a batting practice home run ball, or see if a player will throw a ball to them.

When it comes to food, Busch Stadium offers a wide array of choices. Choices range from standard baseball food like hot dogs, hamburgers, and prezetls, to more elaborate fair, such as a make-your-own nachos stand (located near Gate 1), to toasted ravioli, to other specaility foods only available to Cardinals Club & suite-level ticket holders. Like most other major pro sports stadium, expect whatever food or drink choice to come with a higher pricetag than what you can purchase outside the stadium. All-inclusive areas, like luxury suites, typically have unlimited food and drink included with the ticket prices. You can bring food and drinks into the stadium, but of course bringing alcohol into the stadium is prohibited, as is bringing in any kind of metal food or drink container. If you bring in food, or any kind of bag or purse, expect that you will have to let an usher inspect your items before you're allowed inside the stadium.

Buying tickets for the game can be a hit & miss process. If bad weather is impending for the game, it's possible you can score a deal on tickets via a third party vendor like StubHub a couple days beforehand. There are usually a fair number of ticket scalpers all around the ballpark on gamedays, especially on streets north of the stadium. Some games, such as weekend games against the Cardinals' rival team, the Chicago Cubs, can sellout months in advance.

After the game, it's not uncommon to find street musicians performing for tips, especially on the north side of the stadium. There are also bicycle carriages and horse-drawn carriages available to take visitors back to where they park. Also after games, some patrons choose to visit local bars, such as the ever-popular Mike Shannon's outdoor patio, and a bar called Paddy O's immediately south of the stadium. The Laclede's Landing area of St. Louis is also a popular post-game hangout spot, especially on weekends.

For a Tour:

A tour of Busch Stadium costs $10 for adults, with various discounts available for seniors, active U.S. military personell, and children. The tour includes behind the scences access to places like the locker rooms & the Cardinals dugout. Tours are held virtually year-round, expect on some major hollidays; the Cardinals' official website for current tour dates and times. It is possible to buy advance tickets for a tour, but you need to do so at least 24 hours before the tour's start time. Otherwise, it is possible to buy your tour tickets at the Busch Stadium box office on the west side of stadium the day of your planned tour. Definitely bring your camera, as there are plentiful photo opportunities on the tour. If the Cardinals are out of town on the day you take the tour, it's feasible to find metered street parking around the stadium, or you could use a paid parking garage.

For a Music Concert or Special Event:

Typically Busch Stadium has played host to one major music concert  a year, and usually during the summer months. In each instance, the performance stage was setup in the centerfield area, and on-field access for the concert was allowed, significantly increasing the stadium's normal capacity. It is possible to "rent out" Busch Stadium for special events as well, such as wedding ceremonies (performed at home plate) or corporate events. 

Walking Around Outside the stadium:

There are different features you can explore on your own. The team's official gift shop is open throughout the year, and is located in the northwest corner of the stadium. One can't miss feature is the Stan Musial statue on the west side of the stadium, featuring its own dedicated plaza. Also near the stadium's northwest corner are a number of statues depicting former Cardinals players. Along the sideways of the stadium are special fan bricks, where fans have paid to post a short message at the time the stadium was built.