You can't get much farther into the Deep South than Jackson, Mississippi, so come prepared for the heat. From March through October you can expect temperatures in the 70s and 80s nearly every day with peaks around 90-95 in the dead of summer. The humidity can be oppressive, turning those 80 degree days into a steamy outdoor oven. The good news is that southerners don't mess around when it comes to air conditioning, so you only have to be out in the heat for brief periods if you choose. The evenings are generally pleasant and even in August it's comfortable to sit outside for dinner. Many people expect the mosquitos to be bad in a place this hot and moist, but there's an aggressive pesticide program in place throughout urban Mississippi that makes the mosquito problem less pervasive than in other urban areas that don't allow pesticides. Summer showers thunder through on a regular basis, but rarely stay around for full days. Bring an umbrella just in case you get hit with a "gullywasher," which is a rain storm with so much water that it literally washes out the gullys.

 Winter is generally mild, but can get downright cold. Most days in November, December, January, and February are in the 40s and 50s, but 30s are not uncommon. Most every local has a story about the one time they saw it snow. You'll need an umbrella in winter as well, since cold rains are common.

 The best months to visit would likely be April or October when the heat is mild and the plants are in full bloom. Expect rain showers regardless of the time of year and choose a week when it's comfortable to be outside in the sun or clouds. Or, for a taste of the real South, visit us the last week in July and find out why sweet tea is so very popular.