Wide open !! For burgers and billiards its the Cherokee , dancing -Voodoo Lounge at Mardi Gras but this is a young crowd  , for blues lovers dont miss 930 Blues Cafe , oysters and karaoke calls for Shuckers Oyster Bar , rock lovers head to Left Field cafe and dont miss 2 OClock Bayou whatever you do where theres always a laidback party with awesome cajun food , the best burger in town and a great band is guaranteed almost nightly. If you are Irish , dont miss Fenians on Fortification street , the little train goes all the way around the perimeter of the bar and the food is great. Gyros and beer galore can be found at Kiefers a few blocks away , Char and Old Venice are upscale nightlife choices. Jack and Jills for gay and lesbian preferences. McB's and Buffalo Wild Wings are 75 feet apart and both are equally popular good ole boys wanting beer and burgers. All in all lots of fun to be had here , drinks flow. The dont miss drink in this town is a martini , ANY martini at Trio on old Canton Road with wall aquariums and outstanding cuisine. Sushi bar sake calls for Nagoya Japanese restaurant and lastly check out  Hal & Mals , a Jackson tradition with clubs inside a club for different genres , owner was the brainchild of the infamous Mals St Paddys day parade , Malcolm White.