Gulf Coast- Biloxi International Airport services major airlines. Non-stop flights may be available during the tourist season. Several airlines provide service from hubs such as Atlanta, Chicago, and Philadelphia. The airport is located on the midpoint between New Orleans and Mobile.

If an airlines offers significant savings on a flight to New Orleans or Mobile, some visitors may want to drive from nearby airports. It is a one-hour drive from New Orleans and Mobile to Biloxi on I-10. Families and road sightseers may prefer a total automobile journey. As a starting point, consider that Biloxi is 6 hours from Memphis and Atlanta. It is 18-20 hours from Chicago and Philadelphia.

The majority of the rental car terminals lie within the airport itself. Enterprise and local companies have off airport terminals with shuttle service from the Airport. Book flights in advance, especially for the Mardi Gras and fair weather seasons. Mardi Gras begins on January 6th and continues until the lent season. Fair weather occurs in early summer and winter. This weather is particularly pertinent to golf and water enthusiasts.

Whether travelers choose to drive or fly, Biloxi is an accessible shoreline community that is building itself into a sprawling casino resort.