Many think of Minnesota winters as being unbearably cold and tundra-like.  While a typical Minnesota winter certainly has low mercury readings, there are some that argue that the cold of a Minnesota winter is not nearly as bone-chilling as that of, say, Boston.  In Minnesota, you rarely get those damp, wet, slushy 30-35 degree days.  In addition, Minnesota has numerous skyways, which stretch from the second or third floors of buildings on one side of the street to the other, which allows for staying warm when walking between buildings.  A map of such St. Paul skyways is essential for those traveling in the winter.

Still, the best time to travel to St. Paul might be during the summer months.  Temperatures are surprisingly warm, often in the high 80’s and low 90’s, but not nearly as humid as, say, Florida.  During the hottest days, the skyways offer a cool way to move between restaurants, parking garages, hotels, and shopping destinations.  In addition, two can’t-miss events, the Dragon Festival and the Minnesota State Fair, take place in St. Paul during the summer months.  Visiting during the summer months, you might notice that a vague and general feeling of having recently left hibernation is prevalent among the native population.  This feeling translates to a city that is more lively and more bustling, during the summer.

Although, some joke the state bird is the mosquito, and if you want to avoid them, the winter is your best bet.