Some claim the earliest Europeans to arrive in Minnesota were Vikings from Scandinavia in 1362.  While many scholars disagree, it makes for a nifty name for the state's professional football team (the Minnesota Vikings).

In the 1820’s, the bootlegged whiskey trade began to annoy local officials.  One gentleman in particular, known as Pierre “Pig’s Eye” Parrat annoyed local officials more than all the others.  Subsequently, the area became known as Pig’s Eye Landing after this popular “moonshiner.”  It wasn’t until 1841, when a certain Father Galtier founded the St. Paul Church, that the settlement formally changed its name to St. Paul.

Minnesota was named and territory in 1849, with St. Paul as its capital.  So Minnesota only missed naming their capital after a moonshiner by eight years.  Soon after, in 1858, St. Paul became the 32nd State capital.

More recent Minnesotan history has seen Jesse "The Body" Ventura (born July 15, 1951, as James George Janos) elected the 38th Governor of Minnesota on November 3, 1998.  Prior to being Governor of Minnesota, “The Body” enjoyed a career as a widely-known and quite popular professional wrestler (he was also a Navy SEAL).