Rochester is an idyllic, midwestern town that is teeming with activities for families, small and large. Individual itineraries may vary according to the time of year, but will always be entertaining.

The Mall of America in Bloomington is a ritual stop for most families. It is located 90 minutes from Rochester or take one of the daily shuttles to the largest retail entertainment complex in the United States. Try not to lose your mind in the 500 specialty shops and retail stores.

The Quarry Hill Nature Center may be a fitting destination after the mall. The peaceful habitat of southeastern Minnesota is composed of meadows, flood plains, and forests. Learn more about the local wildlife and flora through regular exhibits and informational displays. Visitors can hike or ski across the 240 protected acres.

On the other hand, families can stay in downtown Rochester for a movie or late lunch and visit the Heritage House. This 1856 single family home is located in Town Square Park. It exhibits the lifestyle of early middle class families 150 years ago.

In the wintertime, ice skating is a common activity in all of Southern Minnesota. Outdoor ice skating rinks remain open during the cold months. Play a game of hockey or skate to seasonal and contemporary music.