The Nightlife in Minneapolis has something to offer everybody.

            The Warehouse district is the place to go for a wild night out.  Offering plenty of bars, dance clubs, and late night dining opportunities, this area is worth exploring.  Looking for a happy hour to kick off the evening?  Visit Warehouse Deals for a list of the area’s bars that includes happy hours deals that each establishment offer.  If heading out to a nightclub is on the agenda, make sure to check out the Nightclub List.  This site categorizes clubs based on their location, atmosphere, daily events, age requirements and musical styles.   

            For a more laid back evening out on the town, consider heading to the Hennepin Theatre District.  This region is home to the three most historic theaters of the area, and offers great nighttime entertainment for the artsy crowd.  Visit Theater District for information about the shows and show times offered in Hennepin.    

            When it comes to night life, The Riverfront District is one of the newest and trendiest areas of Minneapolis .  On both sides of the river, this area offers unique late-night dining opportunities and a handful of excellent wine bars.  Visit Riverfront for more information about this area.