Northland Native American Products is a Native American art and gift store located at 1113 E Franklin Ave Minneapolis Mn 55404 on the corner of 11th ave and Franklin ave in Minneapolis near the Downtown area, within walking distance from the Metrodome

They carry a large variety of Northern Native American art and gifts from the Woodland and Plains tribes of the area ranging from paintings, prints, bead-work, turquoise Jewelry, Pendleton blankets and coats, drums, sculptures, pipe-stone, sage, sweet grass and much much more.

Northland also carries a large selection of native foods like Wild Rice, wild berry jellies, and frybread mix made into baskets or individually sold.

They ship all year around and accept Visa and MasterCard.  Their web site is  Telephone number is 612-872-0390 and Fax at 612-872-0537.

Bus line access, the 2, the 14, and the 24 stop on the corner on Franklin Ave.  Cabs available also.