A good walk is located on the sidewalk parallel with Lakeshore Drive & Lake Pepin.

"River Walk" as it is called can be started at several points along the walk.  From the Northern end (really Western) or the up river side, one can start from the parking lot of the restaurant 'Skyline' and next spot would be the Marina area, or parking near the "old bathhouse" and proceed around the Marina and up to Lakeshore Drive, around the gas station, past the Play Park and down to the "turnaround".

This is also another place to park and start your walk.  The walk continues to the south end to Roschen Park.  If you want to start from the south end, this is the spot to park and begin your walk.  Also, from anywhere downtown, proceed to the Marina and walk along the Lake from this spot in either direction.

The walk is not marked as such, but just follow the sidewalk!  The views are spectacular and the wildlife is variable, depending on the season of the year, from Majestic Eagles to Mom & Dad Mallard with babies following behind.  Lake Pepin is about 3 +/- miles wide here and the Wisconsin Bluffs and the village of Stockholm offer a beautiful backdrop for the Lake.  Enjoy!