Duluth International Airport is located off Highway 53 (Miller Trunk Highway). The airport is highly accesible from the cluster of interstate and state highways in Duluth. A full selection of taxicab and rental car services are available from the airport.

Northwest Airlines is currently the main carrier in the Duluth airport. They and regional partners provide 11 flights to Minneapolis and 2 flights to Detroit per day. Minneapolis and Detroit are the closest major airports to Duluth. Most travelers will stop in one of these cities prior to their arrival in Duluth.

Two other airlines have recently started offering service through Duluth International: Midwest Airlines, and Allegiant Air.

Bargain chasers may prefer to drive from the Minneapolis airport to Duluth when the prices are substantially lower.  The 2.8 million square foot facility is quite larger and more equipped than the smaller Duluth airport. It operates a greater variety of air traffic from across the United States, Canada, and internationally.

Detroit, too, is a large airport with lots of flight activity. It is a long, 12 hour drive to Duluth from Detroit.  The shortest route actually crosses a Lake Michigan inlet and offers expansive views of Lake Heron, Superior, and Michigan during three points of the drive. Be especially careful driving in this frozen region during the winter.

If you're flying to Duluth in your own cirrus, or a plane with floats, you may chose to fly into Duluth Sky Harbor airport located at park point, the terminus of Duluth's city limits.