The Traverse City culture and lifestyle are quite amenable to family vacations. Ecotours , arts festivals , and beachside picnics are only a few of the dazzling, family attractions. Most activities can be discovered in terms of either Winter fun Summer fun, or all-year playground.

Winter Fun
Relatives who are devoted to intersnow flight can find cross country skiing, downhill skiing, and snowboard at their immediate disposal after the first major snowfall. The famed Champion Hill golf course even converts into an enjoyable, 25K cross country experience in the Winter. Meanwhile, vertical drops up to 450 feet are available at nearby downhill resorts. After the snow workout, the entire family can go iceskating, for a sleigh ride, or retire to a Winter cottage suite .

Summer Fun
Many families go on vacation for the intended purpose of celebrating the end of Winter. Traverse City is a remarkable city in which to celebrate the end of snow and darkness together. Recreational activities include anything related to water: scuba diving, kayaking, and fishing. The National Cherry Tree Festival occurs the first weekend of July. Carousels, games, sweet cherry treats, and Ferris wheels will whip any family into continuous laughter. Also, miniature golf courses, ice cream shops and the children's museum provide a casual, thematic afternoon or evening retreat from the beach crowds.

All Year Playground
The Traverse City arts community is beautifully developed. Music next to a crackling fireplace or across a sweeping bay sunset is possible during all times of the year. Seasons of music, dance, and visual art never end. The Dennos Museum Center Concert Series is a diverse music program. Jazz, classical, and folk musicians travel across the state and the country for eager listeners. Additionally, the coffee shops and restaurants provide a more local brand of music, food, and coffee.