If you are staying in Mackinaw City you will almost certainly ferry yourself on over to Mackinac Island , where you will have multiple museums and parks from which to choose how to occupy your time; there are enough attractions here to keep the vacationer busy for a week, easy.

The Mackinac Island Butterfly House is a most colorful animal exhibit, a lush tropical garden bustling with the folding and flapping wings of hundreds upon hundreds of butterflies of all types of color, size, and species.  

Another must-see is the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse.  Having been used from 1890-1957, this destination stationed in Michilmackinac State Park is a fun tourist trip through time—a renovated station that provides rare glimpses into the keep’s quarters, the fog signal, and other maritime utilities, rooms, and views.

Historic Mill Creek
, opened in the 1790’s, is a reconstruction of eighteenth-century lifestyle and woodland scenery.  The state park in which it is contained is an 1800-acre area of limestone, wildflowers, pristine waters, and tourism.

Daytrips outside Mackinac would include visits to Wilderness Park, eleven miles to the west, which is also rather abundant in nature, as well as the Wilderness Golf Course, which located only a mile from its namesake park.

Daytrips to the UP are also fun. They include visiting Sault Ste. Marie and taking a boat ride through the locks, Tahquqmenon Falls near Paradise, Whitefish Point and the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, and Garlyn Zoo east of Naubinway. The Lake Michigan beach along U.S. 2 is fabulous especially on weekdays. It gets crowded on weekends.