There are a few things that are helpful when visiting Mackinac Island. When packing for a summer trip to the island, be sure to pack a light jacket for the evenings and mornings. The island weather can be quite chilly, even in the summer. It's also a good idea to bring an umbrella for the adults and ponchos for the kids.

 If you can bring your own bicycles conveniently, do so. While if costs $8 to bring a bike onto a ferry, it's still cheaper than renting bikes on the island. Bring a bike lock - whether you bring your own bike or rent one, it's a good idea to secure your bikes while you visit the fort or a restaurant, or anytime you leave them unattended for that matter! While there is very little crime on the island, bike theft is probably the most common occurrence.

Wear comfortable shoes. Mackinac Island requires lots of walking, so don't choose this trip to break in a new pair of shoes! If you like to hike, be sure to wear long pants when on the inland trails as poison ivy is widespread on the island.

Unless you are staying at a hotel or resort with a swimming pool, you can leave the bathing suits at home. There isn't a beach on the island and the waters of Lake Huron are not exactly warm. If you really want to swim, the Grand Hotel pool is available for non-guests for $15 a person.

Watch the movie 'Somewhere In Time' as it was filmed on Mackinac Island. While campy, the movie has become a cult classic and prominently features the Grand Hotel. The map available at the visitors kiosk across from the Arnold Line dock includes a list of locations where the movie was filmed.

Lastly - be prepared to relax. Mackinac Island is about relaxing and enjoying a slower pace in life. Bring a book, DVD's, board games, a kite or other family-friendly games and activities.


How about the new MI bumper stickers?  These are very clever and unique to Mackinac Island.  Great souvenir that promotes the island!