When you visit Holland you will find that it is a very safe city. Because there are only about 35,000 people living in the city itself, the crime rate is very low. Also, you don't have to worry about feeling like an out-of-towner when you are in the city. Though it is a small city and the locals know each other, they are very friendly and only want you to have a good time when you visit. There really aren't any tourist traps in the town where the locals would try to take your money or con you. When you walk down the streets you don't need to look behind your shoulder or fear. Though you will want to go out at night, you will find that it isn't a huge party town, so you don't need to worry about the problems that go along with late night cities as well. You can walk around at night and feel perfectly safe in Holland. If you ever do get into some trouble in Holland, you can call the local police department number, or you can just call 911 if it is an immediate emergency. One thing you should try to keep in mind as a guest of the city is that you are representing your town and you should act in a manner that does not aggravate the local citizens.