Holland has a good amount of bars and some clubs, but it is not necessarily known as the place to go for a good nightlife. You can find a good bar almost anywhere in the city, weather you go downtown or uptown. Though every bar is entitled to close whenever they want, they usually stay open until about 1:30-2 a.m. The drinks in the bars and clubs will vary, but overall the city is not very expensive. If you went to another city you would find that the drinks in Holland are pretty cheap in comparison. The best nights to go out are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Even though those are the best nights, you will have to change your expectations in terms of the nightlife. If you are expecting a crazy party scene like in New York, you just won't find it. The bars can and do get packed, especially on the weekends, but there is a laid back attitude and it's just not as crazy as some bigger cities. Many of the bars often have live entertainment. On nights when a band is playing you might have to pay a cover charge to get in. There also might be a drink minimum. You don't just have to go to bars for a good time at night though. You can also go to the theater or opera. There are also other events that take place at night at different times of year.