Bavarian Inn Restaurant offerst three levels of dining.  They have their full dinner menu which includes Family Style served full dinners to yoru table - where you pass the platters around the table all-you-can eat. In those dining rooms you can also order plate dinners without the all-you-can-eat feature but  you still recieve soup, relishes and breads with jam.

You can be seated in the Bavarian room where the dinner menu is lighter  and relishes can be ordered ala-carte.  Prices are lower and menu portions are too.

 You can go to the Roof Garten and experience many Bavarian Inn favorites in "bar menu" portions.  Perhaps just a bratwurst plate or two piece chicken with mashed potatoes, salads, burgers, etc.  

Regardless of your appetite you can enjoy the Bavarian Inn experience.  In fact, you can get it take-out too!  Orders can be placed by phone in advance and they have pick-up parking spots on the North side of the building where they deliver curbside and you pay at your car.  Smile, because your  on camera at thos spots!!