rented through Priceline.  Bid $15 on a midsize and was happy that Alamo took the bid.For 2 a day  upgraded to a standard car.  When  arrived at the National/Alamo shared building initially I was disappointed as the building was under construction and it was crowded.  A very nice employee was helping people check in at a kiosk.  She invited over and walked through the process which did not take much time at all.  When I asked her about the upgrade she said.."don't worry" its right a matter of fact you can pick whatever car you want in the lot.  I saw a 2014 Chevy Impala in the area and asked her if could get that one...she said sure take it.....When I got in the car had 150 miles on it!  Beautiful ride...very very comfy and well equipped.don't remember her name but I will tell you she did a great job for .