There are so many fun things to do in and around Woods Hole, here is a top ten list:

10) Walk the Shining Sea bike path.  Leaves from in front of the ferry terminal and within a quarter mile you are alone in the woods.  This is the former right of way for the railroad so it is nowhere near the road.  At about a mile, you emerge on the southern end of Surf Drive beach...spectacular!

View from the Shining Sea bikepath at dawn.

9) Visit the Aquarium.  Open all year, the seals get fed at 11 am and 4 pm.  This is fun for the whole family!

8) See the Alvin.  Woods Hole is home to the oceanographers who first explored the wreck of the Titanic and the submersible they build to do this is on display (along with some amazing artifacts and history of the dive) at the WHOI Exhibit Center on School Street.  This is a small building but very worthwhile.

Riding the Shining Sea Bike Path is fun for all ages. 

7) Go to the Beach.  Woods Hole has two marvellous beaches within easy walking distance.  Stoney Beach is on the Buzzards Bay side and is great on a day when the predominent wind from the southwest is blowing as it is in the lea.  Also, great for smaller children as there are usually no waves and lots of sand.  Nobska Beach is the other direction and faces Vineyard Sound.  This is a bigger beach, anchored at one end by the lovely Nobska Lighthouse (painted by Hopper and many others).

Looking back at Woods Hole from the water. 

6) Have a Waterfront Meal.  Because of the stready foot traffic of passengers headed to the Vineyard, Woods Hole is a fine dining mecca.  Dip your feet in the water while enjoying a chardonnay at the Landfall, sit on a real dock and eat raw oysters at Shuckers, grab a pint of lager at the Captain Kidd (named for the pirate that lived in these waters) or a lobster taco on the deck at Quicks Hole.  There is so much to choose from, but you will leave with that wonderful sea salt feeling in your heart and a belly full of great chow.

5) Walk the Knob.  Nearby Quissett Harbor has a wonderful public peninsula called the "Knob."  There is plenty of parking at the end of Quissett Harbor Road and you will explore this amazing spot with views of the wooden boats in the harbor as well as the vistas across the Bay.  Come at sunset and prepare to be astounded by the light show.

4) Go Shopping.  Woods Hole has an eclectic collection of shops and boutiques, from "Under the Sun" with great local jewelry and handmade goods, to "Sweats" for affordable t-shirts, to "Handworks" an artists collective with incredible wood block prints, felted hats, photographs and more, to womens clothing at "Liberty House." 

Open air markets and craft shops abound in lovely Woods Hole village. 

3) Eat Ice Cream.  Take your pick of excellent ice cream shops -- the perfect way to while away a summers day.

2) Penny Candy.  Visit "Candy Go Nuts" for that old fashioned penny cany experience.  Beat away the other children to get in the door; it's worth it!

And, drum roll please... the number ONE reason to visit Woods Hole:

Water, water everywhere... 

1) Water Views.  On a tiny peninsula, there is water wherever you look in Woods Hole.  Stunning vistas in all directions and you will not regret the chance to see an authentic Cape Cod village -- vibrant, alive, full of people and yet so well preserved.