Webster has one big thing going for it. It's got a big puddle with an even bigger name that is practically unpronouncable (even harder to spell). I can't recommend coming to this factory town for anything, but kicking back with geese and mosquitos. Webster Lake, as most call it for lack of a limber tongue, is a family friendly place with a playground and basketball courts for those who've had enough of swimming in the water, also shared by plenty of fish and boating enthusiasts. Several events are held year round most of which are free of charge (as it should be). Christmas sees bondfires lit by the firefighters and on the 4th of July the places gets packed to the gills in anticipation of the fireworks displays. That's just to name a couple of the happenings that are put on.

Webster can boast of a bowling alley (air conditioned!) and several, too many places to eat pizza, chinese, and chain fast-fooderies apart from the lake.  Anything remotely sophisticated has to be in league with a demon in order to survive and establish itself in this practically culture-free zone. One bookstore/coffee shop, Booklovers' Gourmet has managed to establish itsef and surprisingly, there is one teeny Tai place 'downtown' (used to be a Victorian tea room) still in operation.

 There is a bright smudge on the hosizon for Webster. Things are slowly improving. Given time, this backward town could be a regular destination for those seeking a great New England experience. Don't count it out yet. Come and see- if you've got imagination enough to sustain a vision that looks beyond the overgrown, empty lots and abandonded/rundown buildings.